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I noticed that packed with the glass cloth are sheets of this thin tissue paper like product. I assume this is for doing artwork, right?

The logo rice paper can be printed on with an inkjet printer, or drawn on with posca pens, acrylic paint, or india inks. Do not use sharpie markers as they will bleed when wet out with resin. 

It is best to put the logo paper directly on the foam on the bottom of the board, and in between the two layers of fiberglass on the deck to protect it from sanding. You can also put it on top of a cured lamination and put a small piece of fiberglass over it. We use 1.5 oz fiberglass for this. It is common for board builders to laminate the board with a dark color pigment then put the logos on top of it with the 1.5 oz fiberglass cloth protecting the logos.