Wood Surfboard Kit - The Driftwood

Product image 1Wood Surfboard Kit - The Driftwood
Product image 2Wood Surfboard Kit - The Driftwood

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Available in 7'0" or 8'0" Lengths

"The 7'0" Driftwood" This is the real hot rod of the Driftwood series. It has the speed and agility you expect from a performance hybrid when its built to plan but it can be shortened to 6'6" for an even more radical profile. Choose the your style and harden the rails for snappy turns and an edges that hold tight.  

7’ 0” Performance Board
Width – 22"
Nose – 18 3/4"
Tail – 16"
Thickness – 3"

The 8'0" Driftwood performance hybrid.  This board has enough volume to easily float riders in the 180 pound neighborhood  The driftwood is a longboard that thinks its a shortboard.
Its the nose and tail have been narrowed giving sleek lines and awesome speed and maneuverability. You'll be cranking turns you never thought possible on a longboard.

8’0” Performance Board
Width – 22"
Nose – 15 3/4"
Tail – 16"
Thickness – 3"

The basic kit contains the CNC-cut ribs and spar.  Other materials needed to complete the board include wood for the decking, fiberglass & resin, fin, and vent.  


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