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UV Solar Cure Powder Additive

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UV Cure Powder Additive

Add UV Cure powder to your Silmar 249B Polyester Resin for quick curing in minutes!

7.5 cc (ml) per gallon

Shake well before every use

Choose Quart or Gallon Quantity


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  • the options for the UV powder say, Quart and Gallon, that means it is effective for a quart and gallon, or a quart and gallon of uv powder?

    The UV Solar Cure powder is packaged to add to either a quart or gallon of polyester resin.

  • Will the shipment include Technical Data Sheets and Safety Data Sheet?

    The UV Solar Cure Powder Additive is not shipped with the techinal data sheets.

  • Once added to my resin, will this mixture store indefinitely like solarez does, or should I only add it to what I am using right away?

    Once added to silmar the UV Solar Cure Powder Additive will stay active.  You should shake the resin befor each use to ensure proper mixture.  Also be aware that Silmar 249 B has a 6 month shelf life as a resin product, like any Polyester resin.

  • Can you sand it afterwards or do you still need to add wax?

    Surfacing wax is required to sand any polyester resins. When adding surfacing wax to resin make sure to "flash" the cure for about 10 seconds in UV light to initiate the cure then bring out our of UV light. Wait 10 minuted to allow the wax to rise to the top and then you can fully cure in the UV light. Failure to allow the wax to rise to the top will result in tacky resin.

  • Can you add this product to polyester resin from other manufacturers??

    Yes, this UV power catalyst will work with all polyester resin brands

  • Will this work as an additive to epoxy resin that is used for making jewelry as well? (It needs to be smooth as glass once its cured and very hard / unscratchable)

    No this UV cure catalyst powder is for polyester resin only.

  • The UV Cure Powder Additive states 7.5 cc per gallon am i to understand that one quart will harden approximately 126 gallons (that is 2 drums).

    The gallon packed of UV Sun Cure Photoinitiator Powder will cure (1) gallon of Polyester resin

    The quart packed of UV Sun Cure Photoinitiator Powder will cure (1) quart of Polyester resin

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