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Epoxy - Resin Research Additive F

Product image 1Epoxy - Resin Research Additive F
Product image 2Epoxy - Resin Research Additive F
Product image 3Epoxy - Resin Research Additive F
Product image 4Epoxy - Resin Research Additive F

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Resin Research Additive F Epoxy Surfacing Agent

ADDITIVE F is a miracle breakthrough in the production of epoxy surfboards.

It does so many things it's unbelievable. In laminating, it helps wet the fiberglass,
reduces the amount of resin needed, and most of all eliminates blush. Blush is what causes the banana peel effect.

In sealcoat / hotcoats it eliminates blush, fish eyes, other surface blemishes, and increases Barcol hardness. This increase in hardness makes the board sand easy and improves the bond and strength between layers.

It also doesn't interfere with recoating as wax solution in polyester does. That means no sanding between layers.

Available in the following quantities:

2 oz. (for use with up to 96 oz. Resin Research Epoxy)

4 oz.

16 oz. 

32 oz.

How to use Additive F:
1cc per ounce Hardener for Laminating
2cc per ounce Hardener for Sealcoat / Hotcoating


SHIPPING NOTICE: Continental US and Canada shipping only. We cannot ship chemicals to Hawaii or Internationally. (But we're working on it!). 


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  • My Additive F is no longer liquid and mostly a solid. Is this normal?

    In cold temparatures the Additive F tends to freeze and just needs to be heated up a little to re-liquify the wax solution. Good to go.

  • How much Additive F do I add to the epoxy?


    Add 1 ml Add F for each ounce of HARDENER

    So if you mix 8 oz Resin and 4 oz hardener (total 12 oz epoxy) then add 4 ml of Additive F


    Add 2 ml Add F for each ounce of HARDENER

    So if you mix 8 oz Resin and 4 oz hardener (total 12 oz epoxy) then add 8 ml of Additive F

    You can measure the Additive F amount with a 1 oz graduated resin cup

  • Will additive F benefit Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin? I've only ever had surfacing problems applying glosscoats with that resin, so will it help to surface better and reduce pinholes with this resin?

    Epoxy - Resin Research Additive F is no needed in Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy.  It has been formulated to work without the addition of Additive F.

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