Vented Leash Plug V4.0

Product image 1Vented Leash Plug V4.0
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Vented Leash Plug V4.0

New improved "G-VENT" Membrane developed by the Greenlight Engineering Team! 
  • Micro-plug size (1 1/8" [28mm] diameter)
  • Double sealed G-vent membrane - 14X more breathable than Gore-tex vents and waterproof up to 25 ft. depth
  • Shielded, puncture proof membrane
Greenlight's  "VXV" Vented Leash Plug provides full time G-VENT venting of your EPS surfboards, Stand Up Paddle Boards, and hollow wood boards without an extra part to install in your deck.

All EPS boards contain very small air pockets between the foam beads which expand and contract with changing temperatures. If a board is dinged while surfing and water gets in, additional heat (leaving your board on the beach or in a hot car) will cause the water to change phase in to steam and exert pressure on the fiberglass skin - pushing the glass away from the foam (delamination).

The VXV Version 4.0 is the slickest solution to relieving internal pressure in boards - venting Expanded Polystryene (EPS) foam surfboards, SUPs, and hollow wood boards.

The G-Vent's poly mesh screen size allows air (steam) out of the board to relieve internal pressure but will not allow water molecules in! No need to open and close the vent as required in other surfboard venting systems. Just install and forget it...

Each vented leash plug includes an install kit containing epoxy putty and tamping stick. Vent Install Video HERE

Pictured Below:
  • 1# density EPS board
  • Balloon flanged and sealed to VXV
  • Filled with 16 oz. sea water and sealed. Digital thermometer installed
  • Locked in a car for 3 hours on a 95 degree F day
  • Internal board temperature = 127.5 degree F
  • Volume of steam vapor released through Greenlight's VXV = 1 cubic foot
  • Balloon diameter = 6 inches
  • Delaminations = ZERO
See the vent in action! (First Generation VXV V1.0 plug version)
  Here's a video of a hollow wood surfboard depressurizing on a hot day

Why is it called VXV V4.0?
Well, this is the 4th generation of our Vapor Xcape Valve. We keep improving them based on customer feedback.


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  • I’ve made my first HWS and I’m super stoked about it. I didn’t prepare the board inside with the wooden cube with drilled holes as described, is it still possible to insert it?

    Thanks for your interest in Greenlight. Yes you can install a vented leash plug into a hollow wood surfboard after it is finished using a wood dowel.   1. Use a 1 1/4" (32mm) or 1 1/2" (38mm) wood dowel   2. Drill a hole the same diameter of the dowel through the deck (so not drill through frame ribs)   3. Push dowel in hole until it hits the bottom and mark the dowel at the top.   4. Pull out dowel and cut at mark   5. Cross drill the dowel for air flow - measure 5/8" (16mm) from the top and drill 1/4" (6mm) holes through the dowel at 90 degree angles   6. Spread epoxy on the bottom of the dowel and set dowel in board through drilled hole. Let the epoxy cure.   7. Glass over dowel area with a small patch of 4 oz glass and hotcoat.    8. Install the vented leash plug as shown in the install video.   We manufacture mahogany colored vented leash plugs for wood boards to keep the board looking right!

  • I am very interested in this vented leash 2 in 1. I trust you regarding the vent function and properties but I am worried about the leash strength. Compared to a standard leash plug which has like 2 ears to increase the seal so to allow more strength, do you think your vented leash plug would be sealed enough in the board? Other question : how is it possible to order wood colored vented leash plug as mentionned below?

    Our Vented leash plug V4.0 is as strong as any other leash plug on the market and we have not had any strength issues.  We only sell them in whit and black.

  • Is the two-part resin pack included in the kit? The site only mentions the epoxy is included but doesn't mention the liquid and powder pour in resin as shown in the install video.

    Cab-o-sil Resin Thickener and Resin is sold separately to install the vented leash plugs

  • What kind of putty are you using with the vented leash plug in case i don’t have enough I would like to have some on hand. Also is there no reason to put down pressure on the plug while letting the epoxy dry?

    We include 2 part epoxy putty with the vented leash plug but you should have more than needed, only about 3/4 of the amount included is needed for a full seal around the base of the plug. There is no need to apply downward pressure to the plug while installing beacuse there is no resin underneath to cause the plug to float.

  • Hello!! I have a question about the vented leash plug v4.0. On the videos and pictures I see that the plug is placed on the tail side of the board. But my question is, when you surf it’s underwater most of the time, when you are resting in the water for example. How long can it be underwater because it needs to breath, or is it possible to be under water for a long time? And can air go in and out? Or is it only needed to come out of the board? I am making my first hollow wooden surfboard and this is new for me. All my questions in a list!! How long can it be under water? Can air go in and out? Or is it only needed with a hollow wooden surfboard that the air can go out? Thank you!!:) Machiel van Rijn

     Vented leash plugs feature a waterproof membrane that allows the board  to "breathe" and prevents expansion and contraction of the board. Pressure builds up inside the board from temperature changes and the vents release that pressure in or out of the water.

  • I'm building a chambered woof surboad, so i have plenty of stock for the leash plug. Do you recommend installing it before or after I glass?

    Install leash plugs after hotcoating. When you sand the board the plug will also be sanded flush with the hotcoat.

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