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Plastic Graduated Mixing Bucket - 1 Quart

Original price $ 1.75 - Original price $ 18.75
Original price
$ 1.75
$ 1.75 - $ 18.75
Current price $ 1.75
1 Quart Encore Plastics 300343 Mix ‘N Measure Solvent Resistant Container
Use for measuring and mixing epoxy and polyester resins. The Quart (32 oz) buckets are primarily used for shortboard glassing, ding repair, glassing on fins, etc..

Reusable if the resin is drained from the bucket after laminating or seal coat/hot coating. Leave the mixing bucket propped up on an angle to drain resin into a box or another bucket or if using a digital scale to mix, you can let the resin cure flat in the bottom of the bucket and reuse.

Less expensive than buying from hardware and home stores!  Check it out.

Available in single bucket quantities, 6 pack, or 12 pack.