SURFBOARD OUTLINE DESIGN - How to make a surfboard


Surfboard Design - Surfboard outline shape blending curves

  • A surfboard’s outline, or planshape, is the most conspicuous feature of a surfboard. The overall planshape of any board is generally determined by the normal board specs you are used to seeing – length, nose width, wide point width, and tail width. 
  • Both nose and tail width are measured 12 inches from either the end of the board, and are most accurately measured using a square placed along the center of the stringer and multiplying by two. 
  • The wide point of a board is most often not at the mid point of the board, so care must be taken to identify where the wide point is before you make your measurement.
  • Length is measured on the deck side, from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail, with the tape measure stretched taunt.
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