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New Silmar 2880 Polyester resin is tougher and brighter!

New Silmar 2880 Polyester resin is tougher and brighter!

Daryl Francis, Business Manager - West, announced today that Interplastic Corporation is offering a new acrylic modified polyester surfboard resin. “We are very excited about our new product, SIL66BE-2880, which has been tested by professional team riders in international competitions and a first place was won on a board using our new product”, says Francis.
QUV tests have been performed on this product and have confirmed that SIL66BE-2880 significantly outperforms commercially available resins used for surfboard laminating. It has been reported that the product is tougher, with less compression dimples than the top selling surfboard resin and has improved impact resistance to reduce stress and deck cracks.
Glassers have reported the product is user friendly with a rapid wet out of the glass. The product cures water clear with a whiter look than other resins available on the market. Silmar surfboard resins were developed and are still manufactured in Hawthorne, California since 1961. Interplastic is proud to launch this new product while celebrating 50 years of SIL66BQ-249A, the largest selling surfboard resin in the world.
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