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Is Epoxy Resin Safe to Use Without a Respirator Mask?

Is Epoxy Resin Safe to Use Without a Respirator Mask?

There are are some different points of view on the safety of epoxy resin and related health concerns. We'll here's my experience with it...

No one really knows the long term effects of epoxy but it's supposed to be safe being 100% solids (no vapor). I've rarely ever used a mask in 15 years with using A LOT of epoxy (more than most people will ever be exposed to in their lives) and I'm still alive... recent chest Xrays are all clear at least.
But better safe than sorry so it's always a good idea to wear a respirator and have proper ventilation when using any chemicals.
There is a small percentage of the population that is allergic to epoxy resin, it's like a peanut allergy. The allergy causes different levels of discomfort for those who are predisposed to it, ranging from contact dermatitis (itchy, swollen skin) to an allergic reaction similar to poison ivy.
Prolonged breathing of highly concentrated epoxy vapors can cause respiratory irritation so wear a respirator mask to be safe!
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