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Greenlight Almost Burns Down in Freak Fire

Greenlight Almost Burns Down in Freak Fire

July 2nd, 2019

Well a roofing crew decided to park their dumpster and trailer right outside our shop to replace the roof of our building

That shit caught on fire somehow at 4 am. 

Here’s pictures from a volunteer firefighter when he showed up at the scene. The fire department quickly brought the blaze under control which spread to the roof and prevented further damage to our shop, machines, and inventory. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. 

We lost a bunch of our Engineered EPS Foam Blank blocks and some other products that were at the front side of the building exposed to the heat and flames.

We have to take this setback in stride and find humor in the fact they dropped the dumpster RIGHT IN THE FIRE ZONE!

So today July 2nd through tomorrow July 3rd we’re having a fire sale with 20% off everything storewide to get us over this hump while we close for repairs and assessments. 

Use code FIRESALE in the webstore’s checkout for 20% all products that are in stock.

Thanks for your patronage and support! We'll bounce back quickly and continue to serve your board building needs!

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