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US Blanks Custom Surfboard Blank Designer App

US Blanks now has a cool custom surfboard blank designer app on their website. Every blank we offer is available with drop-down menus featuring rocker profiles, stringer options, and a wide variety of custom blank configurations. Have fun, poke around, and be inspired for your next blank order.

If you need a custom blank please email the specifications to

We place our custom order with US Blanks on the 15th of every month. Please make sure to have your order and deposit into us by the 15th to get your blanks on that truck.

Shipping costs from the US Blanks factory in California are greatly reduced when getting at least 4 blanks per shipment so partner up with your friends to build surfboards together. We bundle all our customer's blank orders once a month and do our best to reduce shipping costs. We can get the shipping costs down as low as $25 per blank when a bunch of custom blanks are ordered on the 15th. We'll keep you posted on the shipping costs after the monthly order is closed on the 15th. Maximum shipping cost for custom blanks is $50 per blank (worst case scenario if you order only 1 custom blank and no one else orders that time, we'll order some stock blanks to help the total shipping cost for you)

Check it out and let us know what you need!

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