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Surfboard Power Sanding Starter Kit

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Surfboard Power Sanding Starter Kit

We've found this 7" surfboard sander and polisher to be a perfect and reliable entry level sander. Its light weight and variable speed up to 3000 rpm make this sander easy to use and greatly reduces mistakes novice sanders make compared to bigger and heavier right angle sanders commonly used in surfboard sanding.

Greenlight has had this sander in the shop and used regularly since 2011 and it's still going strong! One tip we can share to keeping the sander (and all your surfboard shaping tools) alive is to blow out the vent ports with a compressor on a regular basis. Dust will block the electrical contacts and prevent the sander from working if not taken care of.

Power Sanding Kit Includes:

7" Variable Speed Surfboard Sander / Polisher

8" Medium Flexpad Sanding Pad

(2)  80 grit Cloth Backed Sandpaper Sheets

(2) 120 grit Cloth Backed Sandpaper Sheets

(2) 150 grit Cloth Backed Sandpaper Sheets

(2) 220 grit Cloth Backed Sandpaper Sheets

(2) 320 grit Cloth Backed Sandpaper Sheets