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Epoxy Surfboard / SUP Ding Repair Kit

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Epoxy Surfboard / SUP Ding Repair Kit

DIY ding repair kit to repair your Surfboard or Stand Up Paddleboard the professional way! 

Complete Kit Contains:
  • 6 oz. Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin
Mix 2 parts resin with 1 part hardener in measured mixing cup (included).
  • 1/2 yd. of 4 oz. Epoxy Fiberglass Cloth 
For any size patch, including fixing a snapped surfboard
  • Q-cell Resin Thickener
Add to resin to fill dings in the foam
  • Resin Squeegee
To laminate the fiberglass and resin over the cracked area or foam fill
  • 3 oz. Mixing Cup
  • Mixing Stick
  • Seal Coat Brush
  • 60 Grit Sandpaper
  • 150 Grit Sandpaper

Click here for everything you've ever wanted to know about Ding Repair by The Board Lady - Eva "the Queen of Fix" Hollman


Ask a Question
  • what color does it dry can you add a white pigment can it be sanded

    The epoxy resin is clear when cured. You can add a resin color pigment to it and the resin is sandable within 3-4 hours depending on temperature. 

  • what is the white power in my ding kit i just ordered.and how do i mix it.what ratio?

    The powder provided in the ding repair kit is Q-cell. It is a resin additive to make it thick and fill dings. It can be sanded to the shape of the board after cure. Mix with resin to a peanut butter consistency and fill the hole.

  • Do I need to cut out the existing broken fiberglass in a dinged board before repairing?

    Yes, cut out the fiberglass in the hole and scratch up the surrounding fiberglass area with 60 or 80 grit sandpaper for a good reapair bond.

  • Do I have to mix up the resin, hardener & q-cell mixture for a ding repair?

    Yes. ALWAYS mix the epoxy resin and hardener at a 2 parts resin to 1 part hardener ratio. Otherwise the resin will never cure. Add Q-cell to make the resin thick and fill ding holes while providing more strength to the area.

  • With a buckled surfboard would you ever route a couple channels length-wise parallel to the board and insert some wood stringers in to try and bridge the buckle? Or will the filler and glass do the trick?

    It is not necessary to install new stringers for a buckle but you certainly can if you want. It depends on the damage to the stringer. Here at the shop, when boards are snapped in half we install new support stringers but not with buckles. Fill the bucke with Q-cell powder and epoxy mix and laminate a nice wide piece of glass over it will do the trick. Recommended 12" wide glass and wrap the rails for more strength.

  • I buckled my kiteboard. Can I fix it? I am thinking about using some Q cell to fill the break and then glass it with some carbon fiber. What do you think? Thanks for the info and help!

    You can definitely fix your kite board and keep it alive. Sand the area with 60 or 80 grit sandpaper first for a good resin bond and then fill with Q-cell and epoxy mix.  You can use carbon but regular 4 oz fiberglass will work fine too. I'd make the glass patch about 12" wide to strengthen the buckle area and wrap around the rails to the deck.  

  • Glass is cracked around fin plug. Can I just line up my jig, slowly route out this box and replace it or will I destroy router bit?

    You can certainly route the box out. The plastic is soft and will not kill the router bit. Make sure to remove the screws first! But we prefer to dremmel the glass around the box flange and just pull it out... less stress than routing. Install a fin in the box, rock it back and forth, and pull it out. You can install a new finbox in the same hole without re-routing.   

  • Just looking at your epoxy ding repair kits. I have a few repairs I want to do and feel like I would need a bit more than 6 oz. Do you have any recommendations on epoxy resins I could use?

    If you need more than 6 oz of epoxy resin for ding repairs you can either get an epoxy ding repair kit and a 6 oz kit of Resin Research Quik Kick for 12 oz total.  Another option is 48 oz Resin Research Quik Kick, a yard of 4 oz fiberglass, and a 32 oz tub of Q-cell powder.

  • Can I fix a ding with epoxy resin on a poly board?

    Yes. You can use epoxy on anything. Scratch up the surface well with 60 or 80 grit sandpaper for a good bond to the existing fiberglass.  Note: You cannot use Polyester resin on an EPS (epoxy) board. It will melt the foam!

  • I am repairing epoxy and carbon stand up paddle boards. I need a clear resin that won\'t yellow. I bought some other resin from a supplier and it turned yellow over time. What do you recommend? Also need a good filler material to use.

    The best product for your SUP repairs is Resin Research 2000CE ULTRA Epoxy. It has UV inhibitors mixed in to prevent yellowing from the sun.  We recommend the 2000CE with Fast hardener but we also sell slow hardener if you prefer. As long as you don't leave a lot of resin sitting in the mixing bucket it will not heat up (called exotherm). Best to mix the resin and put it on the board, plenty of working time to get the job done with a nice, strong, clear repair. Resin Research is all we use for building and fixing surfboards here at the shop.   You want to add Q-cell to the epoxy mix as a filler. It's strong and sands smooth. Q-cell is the Industry standard repair filler.   You can order the resin research and q-cell online and we'll ship it to you immediately.  

  • My Firewire surfboard has a deck crack as if it was bent in half (buckled). 1) Is it worth it to repair (i.e. will it crack again?). 2) What materials do I need to repair a board in this condition?

    It's buckled and it won't surf the same again - the flex will not be continuous. But if you want to fix it get 48 oz Resin Research Epoxy and a yard of 4 oz fiberglass.    Mix the resin with Q-cell to a peanut butter consistency to fill the void the buckle created. Strip about a foot of glass from the area and re-glass.

  • How do I fix a ding in my EPS foam surfboard or SUP?

    1. Pull out any broken fiberglass in the ding
    2. Scratch up the area about 1" around the ding with sandpaper
    3. Mix resin and Q-cell to a peanut butter consistency and fill the hole. On a rail you can put masking tape under the ding so the resin/Q-cell mix doesn't drain out.
    4. Sand the Q-cell / resin flush with the board
    5. Put a small patch of fiberglass over the area about 1" bigger than the ding on all sides and laminate with resin and a squeegee
     6. When cured lightly sand the edges of the fiberglass down so there is no hard edges. 
    7. Brush or squeegee more resin over the ding repair to seal it. You can leave it shiny or sand it if you want.  

  • When doing a deep ding and filling before fiberglassing, do you mix resin, hardener, and q-cell or just resin and q-cell? How long should it take to cure in the sun @ 75F?

    When using the Epoxy Surfboard/ Sup Ding Repair Kit to fill deep sings be sure to do this in multiple small fills and you will use epoxy hardener and q-cell for the process.

  • I’m relatively new to repairing my own boards, is the resin in the ding repair kit able to be poured on as an extra layer to be sanded after the resin/fiberglass layer has cured

    The Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy resin can and should be used for both laminating and sealcoat resin and does not require additional additives.

  • I had some fcs x2 plugs come loose on an EPS.. ( I think there was some exotherm that happened in the install) I carved out a rectangle to fill in, should I put a piece of eps foam in there with Qcell or just fill with Qcell , let dry and re-drill holes? Thx

    When replacing broken fin plugs you can either replave the area with and EPS foam plug, use pour foam to fill the void, or fill with Q-cell/epoxy mix and re-drill the holes. Be careful not to exotherm again if filling with the Q-cell/epoxy mix, use multiple pours over time to be safe.

  • Why is there a seal coat bruh but not seal coat resin

    The Epoxy surfboard / SUP Ding Repair Kit comest with enough resin and fiberglass to laminate and seal coat you repair.  When using epoxy a different resin is not required for the seal coat.

  • GreenLight, Is your kit the correct product to order for repairing the damage to my SUP board? I can send a photo of the damage once you send me an email to attach it too. Thanks! Eric

    Yes this ding repair kit was created with extra epoxy resin and fiberglass for fixing Stand Up Paddleboards as well as surfboards

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