Surfboard Shaping Mentor Program


  • $ 750.00

Surfboard Shaping Mentor Program

Build Your Own Custom Board for Less than Buying a Common Stock "Pro Model" from a Shop.

Private lesson includes:
  •   1-on-1 Shaping Instruction from an expert East Coast Surfboard Factory Shaper
  •   Your Own Professional Custom Logo Lamination
  •   Power and hand tool techniques and safety
* Your choice of any blank we have in stock, any glassing schedule, and any number of fins you want.  Fins, Leash, and Traction pads not included.

About the program:

Shape your own custom board with an experienced, professional shaper and learn more than you could imagine about surfboard design, construction, fluid dynamics, and how surfboards designed and built specifically for you, by you, will improve your surfing experience.

The foundation of Greenlight is based on paving the way for anyone to successfully build their own boards at home. In addition to developing new and innovative tools and techniques to make shaping a lot easier and fool-proof, our instructors have backgrounds in high school level education and communications. The mentor program is developed to instill knowledge and confidence to continue building great boards on your own but also show you common situations to avoid during shaping that would normally ruin your efforts.

Note: Our philosophy here at Greenlight is to "Keep it simple!" We will teach you anything you want to learn within reason. The Mentor Program is not intended to teach advanced concepts like Bonzer type boards, channel bottoms, or to precisely copy another board design. If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

  1-on-1 professional instruction to shape a surfboard from a foam blank
Your choice of construction
Polyurethane foam / Polyester resin (traditional surfboards for past 50 years)
Expanded Polystyrene foam (EPS) / Epoxy resin (lightweight and strong)

Once your board is shaped, we then professionally glass it for you.
Includes One custom logo - you provide the artwork.

Course requires approx. 4 hours on a Sunday afternoon
No hidden charges - course cost will result in a complete board.

Class is held Saturdays 1-5 pm at The East Coast Surfboard Factory's shaping room located in the same building as Greenlight Surf Supply
EMAIL us for class date availability. We'll get you in on a Saturday that works best for you!

Shortboard 5'0" - 7'6" Program cost is $750
Longboard 7'7" - 9'6" Program cost is $900


Just a few things to note before you begin your shaping experience:


1. Please include the name and email of the person taking the class (if it is not you) and what size of board, and materials (traditional Polyurethane or EPS/epoxy) you would like to shape. If you don’ t know the difference in materials and how they perform in the water, please ask us, we’ re here to teach you!

2. We have several generic surfboard stock templates at the shop. If you want to make a board with specific dimensions, we require you to make the template at home and bring it with you to the lession. Detailed info on how to make a template can be found on our website in the Guide to Surfboard Building A to Z. Check out the 'how to make templates' Note: the nicer you make your template (i.e. no bumps or wobbles), the more perfect your board will turn out in the end. We strongly encourage you take your time and make a good template.

3. Wear or bring old/dirty clothes because shaping can get a little dusty...

4. We can put your own custom logo or image on your board. Logos can be emailed  in PDF format only and should not exceed a footprint of 8” x 10” . We have limited ability to scale artwork so please present it in the size you want.

5. The price of the program will cover all consumables and labor including a thruster, quad, 5 fin, or 2+1 setup using FCS Fusion or futures fin boxes.

Fins, Leash, or tailpads are not included in the price of the Mentor Program. We offer discounts on those items if needed.

6. After shaping, your board will be finished ready to pickup 3 weeks later. We will contact you as soon as it is ready. Please do not contact us asking "is it done yet?"

7. Upon notification your board is ready for pickup, you will have 10 days to visit the shop to pickup. Every day after that will incurr a $10/day storage fee.

Questions about the program? EMAIL US

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