VectorNET Carbon Fiber 1/2" Diamond Pattern


  • $ 3.29

VectorNET Carbon Fiber 1/2" Diamond Pattern

VectorNET is a Carbon/Aramid reinforcement for tails, rails, or the entire bottom of surfboards, kiteboards, and SUPs.

The diamond pattern weave provides a high level of break and buckle resistance while maintaining a natural and lively flex pattern.

The VectorNET  carbon strands are supported by a super lightweight mesh which makes the material very easy to laminate to your boards without any noticable added weight.

Sold by the foot x 33" wide
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  • When do I apply the VectorNET to the board?

    The VectorNET goes directly on the foam and is laminated the same time as the fiberglass. A nice trick is to lightly spray the area with 3M Super77 and adhere the carbon to the foam first so it doesn't slide when wetting out the glass and carbon.