Stringerless Engineered EPS Surfboard Blanks


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Stringerless Engineered EPS Surfboard Blanks

EPS / epoxy surfboard construction is the future. Greenlight has known this for over a decade and now that Kelly Slater has converted (and invested in EPS/Epoxy with his Slater Design boards) surfers can adopt the technology with confidence. Slater built the perfect man-made wave, don't you think he knows even more about the best surfboard construction?

Through years of research and development in conjunction with a large plastics company Greenlight has engineered the only EPS foam designed specifically for surfboards. 

Greenlight’s Engineered EPS Foam Advantages:

  • Consistent High Quality
  • Minimal Bead Tear out when Shaping by Hand or Machine
  • Low Resin Absorption
  • Completely Customizable
  • Quick Turn Around Time on Custom Rockers and Outline Cuts

The popularity of stringerless EPS / epoxy surfboards coupled with the strength of carbon reinforcements has quickly grown over the past few years. We believe the construction is a viable and superior option to traditional Polyurethane/Polyester surfboards. 

Choose to have your blank split in half for budget shipping and glue it up yourself or have it shipped as one piece on a freight truck. 

Here are some tips to building your own stringerless boards with carbon fiber reinforcements:

1. Draw or snap a chalk line down the middle of the blank as a centerline reference for templating.

2. A stringerless blank will flex when shaping. The unsupported ends of the blank will want to flex away from pressure asserted by shaping tools. That's OK. Just ease up on your hand tools where the blank sits on the racks for a nice foil and rail band cutting.

3. Laminate carbon fiber or VectorNET directly to the foam on the bottom for stiffening and snap resistance. Where you place the carbon will affect the flex of and performance of the board. Carbon stiffens... think about where you want flex and stop the carbon there.

4. Uni-directional Carbon strips on the deck will greatly reduce buckling and snapping, while VectorNET on the Deck will help resist pressure dings from heels and knees.

Here's an example of a personal board built on our Puerto Rico Surf N' Shape Retreat featuring a stringerless EPS blank, VectorNET, and Unidirectional Carbon Fiber. Please excuse the sand :)

Stringerless EPS Surfboard Blank with Carbon Fiber VectorNET reinforcement



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