Resin Research 2000CE ULTRA Epoxy Resin with FAST Hardener

Product image 1Resin Research 2000CE ULTRA Epoxy Resin with FAST Hardener
Product image 2Resin Research 2000CE ULTRA Epoxy Resin with FAST Hardener
Product image 3Resin Research 2000CE ULTRA Epoxy Resin with FAST Hardener
Product image 4Resin Research 2000CE ULTRA Epoxy Resin with FAST Hardener

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Resin Research 2000CE ULTRA Epoxy Resin with FAST Hardener

Download Greenlight's Resin Amounts per Board Length Chart HERE

How much epoxy resin do I need to fiber glass a surfboard or SUP

ULTRA resin includes UV stabilizers suitable for use with Polyurethane and EPS Foam

The resin has a blue optical brightener tint but is water clear in laminations and sealcoats

The balance of excellent color, UV stability, varying hardener speeds, easy mix ratios, extremely low vapor pressure, odorless, excellent chemical adhesion and high gloss finish make this resin system easy to use and an effective production contributor to everyone from the small craftsman to large scale producers.

Resin Modulus 2000

FAST Hardener [25 min pot life, 2 hour cure time @ 77 F (25 C)]


Available in the following quantities:

48 oz.
96 oz. (complete shortboard)
1.5 Gal. (complete longboard with extra)
3 Gal. (complete SUP)
6 Gal.

SHIPPING NOTICE: Continental US and Canada shipping only. We cannot ship epoxy to Hawaii or Internationally. (But we're working on it!).



Ask a Question
  • Does the blue tint in the Resin Research epoxy resin change the resin tint color on the board?

    There is no issue adding resin tint to the 2000CE. It has a very slight blue optical enhancer that can only be seen in volume, as in the bottle or bucket. When in a thin layer it appears water clear and does not affect the color of the tint.

  • Whats the recomended Shelf-Life of the Resin and Hardener?

    As long as the Resin Research epoxy is stored with the caps on tight the resin has an infinite shelf life. In cold temperatures the resin may become more viscous or even freeze solid. If this happens simply put the bottle in a hot bath and the resin will re-liquify and can be used.

  • I'm building a 12.5 ft flat water SUP (think 8 inch rails). Is the resin available with a slow hardener?

    Yes we can provide SLOW hardener with the resin. Please put a note at checkout to include SLOW Hardener. 

  • I\'m doing a cut lap. When do I cut the glass? Do I wait for the resin to fully cure?

    You have to let the resin tack up to semi-solid before cutting the lap with a razor blade. A good test is to touch the resin on the board with your finger and if it's sticky but does not stick to your finger an pull a string of resin then it's ready to cut. You can also let the resin fully cure and cut through, it's just requires more force to cut through the solid cured resin. It's easier to cut when the epoxy is in a softer state.

  • Where can I find the datasheet for the CE200 Ultra, withinformation like the resin's Tg, viscosity, density, etc.?

    Resin Research 2000CE Ultra Epoxy Resin with Fast Hardener MSDS Sheets linked here.

  • Is it better to add "additive F" for seal coating?

    Resin Research 200CE Epoxy Resin with Fast Hardener is designed to be used with addidtive F for the Seal Coat.

  • I'm going to be ordering a custom blank from you guys through the use of AKU Shaper. I am making a 6'8" 21" 2.5" 43L board but was wondering how much of the epoxy resin I should buy.

    To glass a 6'8" shortboard with Resin research 200CE Ultra Epoxy Resin and 4 oz fiberglass a 96oz kit will be required.  This amount should cover laminationand seal coat.

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