Polyester Resin Surfacing Wax Agent

Product image 1Polyester Resin Surfacing Wax Agent
Product image 2Polyester Resin Surfacing Wax Agent
Product image 3Polyester Resin Surfacing Wax Agent
Product image 4Polyester Resin Surfacing Wax Agent

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Polyester Resin Surfacing Wax Agent

Add to Silmar 249B Polyester Resin or UV Suncure Polyester Resin  to make a poly "hotcoat/sanding resin" to allow an easier sanding finish.

The recommended amount is 2 oz. Surfacing Wax per gallon on resin (approx. 1/2 cc per oz.)

You can make your own polyester gloss resin by adding styrene to hotcoat/sanding resin. No need to buy another gallon of poly "hotcoat/sanding resin" when you can make it yourself! But we do sell the best Riechold gloss resin too...


Available in the following quantities:

2 oz.
4 oz.
16 oz.
32 oz.

Download Greenlight's General Polyester Catalyst and Surfacing Wax Additive Chart

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Ask a Question
  • My Surfacing Wax is no longer a liquid, it\'s turned solid. Is this normal?

    In cold temparatures the Surfacing Wax tends to freeze and just needs to be heated up a little to re-liquify the wax solution. Good to go.

  • Do you need to use Mekp and the surfacing wax for the hot coat or just the wax instead of the mekp?

    MEKP is the harderner for polyester resin. You must use it every lamaintion and hotcoat or the resin will not cure. Surfacing Wax is an additive to make the hotcoat sandable and not tacky.

  • Can this be added to epoxy resin? If not, is there an alternative product?

    Polyester Resin Surfacing Wax Agent is only meant to be used in Polyester Resin and should neever be mixed with Epoxy.  Greenlight Surf Supply Marine Grade Epoxy does not require the use of an additional sanding agent.  Resin Research Epozy resin usues Additive F as its sanding agent.

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