4 oz. Epoxy Fiberglass Cloth

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4 oz. Epoxy Fiberglass Cloth

3.63 oz./yd.² X 30" wide

Developed in conjunction with the new Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy System, EPOXY Fiberglass is manufactured with a proprietary coating of organic materials that improves epoxy wet-out when laminating and increases the epoxy molecule bonding between glass fibers as well as to the substrate (foam, wood, fiberglass, etc.)

Both short-sterm and long-term composite performances are improved by optimizing the epoxy bonding energy to the glass fibers in the matrix of the composite. Resulting in stronger and lighter products with consistent performance.

We recommend laminating EPOXY Fiberglass with Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin System for optimal results.

Available in the following rolls:

  • By the Yard
  • 7 Yard Roll (glass a shortboard up to 6'10")
  • 30 Yard Roll (glass approximately 4 shortboards)
  • 165 Yard Roll


    Ask a Question
    • how to to a get this product i am in fort lauderdale florida

      4 oz Epoxy Fiberglass Cloth can be purchased through our website and ships worldwide!

    • Can you use the epoxy quick kick ultra with the fiberglass?

      4 oz Epoxy Fiberglass cloth works extremely well with Quick Kick Ultra Resin.

    • When it says by the yard, how would I select that?

      4 oz. Epoxy Fiberglass Cloth is sold by the yard (3 feet) so you can decide how much fiberglass you will need to cover you entire project.

    • will this wet out completely clear?

      Yes the epoxy fiberglass wets out completely clear when laminating with epoxy resin

    • Hi: is the 4oz and 6oz cloth e-glass or s2-glass?

      The epoxy fiberglass is considered electrical grade or "E-Glass"

      4 oz. S-2 fiberglass cloth can be found here

      6 oz. S-2 fiberglass cloth can be found here

    • What do I use to seal up the blank before glassing it

      EPS Foam Sealing Paste

    • is there any way to get 10yds of this?

      Enter '10' in the quantity box

    • Does this go well with the resin Research epoxy quick kick ultra. Just looking for different options.

      Yes the Epoxy Fiberglass is compatible with all epoxy resins including Resin Research products.

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