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Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin System with SLOW Hardener

Product image 1Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin System with SLOW Hardener
Product image 2Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin System with SLOW Hardener
Product image 3Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin System with SLOW Hardener
Product image 4Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin System with SLOW Hardener

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Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin System with SLOW Hardener


Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin System is the result of 15 years of epoxy resin usage and development focused on solving the common problems associated with using epoxy resin in less than optimal environments (a.k.a. your typical dusty DIY workspaces)


  • Self Leveling
  • High Surface Tension Tolerant of Small Dust Particles (greatly eliminates pinholes and fisheyes typical of epoxy sealcoats*)
  • Integrated Bubble Releasing Agent
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Easy 2:1 Mix Ratio
  • Water Resistant for all Marine Applications
  • U.V. Resistant
  • Ultra Clear Resin for Coloring with Epoxy Pigments or Tints
  • 100% Solids (Very low V.O.C)
  • Proudly Made in U.S.A

*Recommended sealcoat amount for surfboards is 3 oz. mixed resin per linear foot of board. For example, a 6'0" long surfboard would use 18 oz mixed resin (6 x 3 oz.) for excellent results. 

Also minimal brush strokes leads to a better finish. Brush it out once to cover and walk away.

Speed Pot Life
Cure time Temperature
Fast Hardener 20 mins 2 1/2 Hours 77 F (25 C)
Slow Hardener 40 mins 4 Hours 77F (25 C)


Available in the following quantities:

6 oz. Kit (4 oz. Resin / 2 oz. Hardener)
48 oz. Kit (32 oz Resin / 16 oz. Hardener)
96 oz. Kit (64 oz. Resin / 32 oz. Hardener)
1.5 Gallon Kit (128 oz Resin / 64 oz. Hardener)
3 Gallon Kit (256 oz. Resin / 128 oz. Hardener)
6 Gallon Kit (512 oz. Resin / 256 oz. Hardener)
12 Gallon Kit (1024 oz. Resin /512 oz. Hardener)


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Ask a Question
  • How long should I wait after a bottom lam with the slow resin to cut the cutlap on the deck?

    Cut the lap when you can touch the resin and it's soft but not tacky where it sticks to your finger. Timing depends on many factors as hardener speed, temperature, lamination schedule, etc.

  • Can I use this epoxy resin on a wooden board?

    Yes, Marine Grade Epoxy resin is excellent for wood board building

  • What is the difference between Resin Research 2000CE ULTRA Epoxy Resin and Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin? When do i use the first one and when do i user the latter?

    Use Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin for both lamination and seal coating. It gives a much better finish than Resin Research with no need additional additives.

  • How much epoxy do you need for a 5'4 fish

    Please refer to our resin usage chart

  • do I need to sand my laminating coat before applying the seal coat

    No sanding needed between lamination and seal coat

  • Is this for lamination as well?

    Yes the Marine Grade Epoxy Resin in both a laminating resin and glossy sealing resin

  • how much epoxy do you need if are glassing a 9'2 long board

    A 1.5 gallon kit of Marine Grade Epoxy Resin will be enough to laminate, seal coat, and install fin boxes in a longboard.

  • How do I tell if I need to sand after doing the sealcoat with the greenlight marine grade epoxy resin? I saw that you said if the sealcoat is done well it won't need sanding.

    If you're happy with the finish you don't need to sand the sealcoat. It has been proven that a sanded or glossed finish does nothing to improve the performance of the board in the water. The sealcoat / hotcoat is meant to seal the board from water wicking through the fiberglass and into the board.
    The need to sand surfboards originated in the 60's (and continues today) with poor materials and techniques leaving an "undesirable" finish which needed to be sanded to look better - to SELL in surf shops! 
    The Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy system was created to produce a nearly flawless gloss finish on your surfboard or any project if applied to a clean surface, at the correct thickness (3 oz per linear foot of surfboard per side), and with the least amount of effort. Just pour the resin on the surface and distribute it evently over the boar with a clean brush and the "plow" technique. Then walk away. The less you touch the Greenlight resin, the better it looks when cured, and does not need to be sanded.

  • Can you use agent F with this epoxy resin?

    No need for Additive F with the Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy System. Special surfacing componds are already included in the resin for blemish free coats.

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