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Greenlight FAST FUSE Epoxy Resin System

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Greenlight FAST FUSE Epoxy Resin System 

Here it is! You asked for it and we delivered. A faster curing, optically brightened version of our best selling Marine Grade Epoxy Resin System!

Rivaling Resin Research Quick Kick epoxy resin, our FAST FUSE Epoxy exhibits superior self leveling, contaminant resistance, and high gloss results with with quicker 75 minute cure time (@77 F) and boards look super bright white - and stay white for much longer.


  • 20 Minute Pot Life, 75 minute Flip Time (@ 77F)
  • Optically Brightened Resin
  • Enhanced U.V. Resistance
  • Self Leveling
  • High Surface Tension Tolerant of Small Dust Particles (greatly eliminates pinholes and fisheyes typical of epoxy sealcoats*)
  • Integrated Bubble Releasing Agent
  • High Gloss Finish
  • Easy 2:1 Mix Ratio (100:45 by weight)
  • Water Resistant for all Marine Applications
  • Accepts Epoxy Pigments or Tints with no Discoloration
  • 100% Solids (Very low V.O.C)
  • Proudly Made in U.S.A

Why we use purple optical brightener in Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin

Epoxy and polyester resin can turn yellow or amber color for a few reasons, the most common being exposure to UV light. When UV light hits the resin, it breaks down the chemical bonds in the resin, which causes the resin to yellow. This process is called photodegradation.

Purple is a complementary color to yellow. This means that when purple is placed next to yellow, the two colors cancel each other out, making the yellow appear less yellow. This is why purple is often used in optical brighteners. The purple pigment in the brightener absorbs the yellow light that is reflected off of the surface, making the surface appear whiter.

In addition to making the resin appear whiter and brighter, the purple optical brightener in Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin also absorbs more UV light, which protects the resin and substrate from yellowing. 

Note: This resin looks really purple in the bottle and mixing bucket (in volume) but when applied in a thin coat (laminations and seal coats) it is clear with no visible purple hue - it looks bright white!

In addition, you can add epoxy tints and pigments to this resin with no change to the intended color. There is such a small amount of purple optical brightener it will not affect the pigment or tint color.

*Recommended sealcoat amount for surfboards is 3 oz. mixed resin per linear foot of board. For example, a 6'0" long surfboard would use 18 oz. mixed resin (6 x 3 oz.) for excellent results.

Also minimal brush strokes leads to a better finish. Brush it out once to cover and walk away. 

 Watch Andrew W's review of Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin:


Available in the following quantities:

48 oz. Kit (32 oz Resin / 16 oz. Hardener)
96 oz. Kit (64 oz. Resin / 32 oz. Hardener)
1.5 Gallon Kit (128 oz Resin / 64 oz. Hardener)
3 Gallon Kit (256 oz. Resin / 128 oz. Hardener)
6 Gallon Kit (512 oz. Resin / 256 oz. Hardener)

Download and Print our Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin Mix Ratio By Weight Chart for perfect mix ratios and optimal results. We recommend weighing the resin with an epoxy digital scale and use epoxy dispensing caps to nail the weight ratio.

How to mix two part epoxy resin 2:1 ratio or 100 parts Resin to 45parts Hardener

SDS Sheet Download

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