Fiberglass Cloth - HEXCEL 4 oz. E-glass


  • $ 3.86

Fiberglass Cloth - HEXCEL 4 oz E-glass

Style Hexcel 1522

3.7 oz./yd.² X 27"

E Glass with Plain Weave

4 oz. E fiberglass cloth  is the most common cloth used to glass a surfboard. E-glass is easy to wet our with polyester or epoxy resin and laps around the rails easily. If you want the lightest weight surfboard the common layup is 2 layers 4 oz. E cloth on the deck and 1 layer 4 oz. E cloth on the bottom. Surfboards made with all 4 oz. fiberglass cloth are light but not the strongest...

Available in the following rolls:
  • By the Yard
  • 7 Yard Roll (glass a shortboard up to 6'10")
  • 30 Yard Roll (glass approximately 4 shortboards)
  • 125 Yard Roll*
*If our inventory says 'Out of Stock' on 125 Yard Roll please contact us, we'll pull a roll from The East Coast Surfboard Factory stock for you
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