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Epoxy Scale and Dispensing Caps

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Digital Epoxy Scale and Dispensing Caps 

Mixing epoxy resins accurately is essential for full cure and optimal performance in epoxy resin systems!

There is no better or more reliable digital scale on the market than our new 30 oz. (850 g) mini scale for boards up to 7'6" long or the large 105 oz. (3000g) scale suitable for all weights of resin batch mixing.

These powerful benchtop digital scales can both fit up to a 2 1/2 quart mixing bucket on their platforms.

Accurate to 2 decimal places (X.XX oz) when measuring in ounces or switch to the gram mode for an accuracy of 3 decimal places (X.XXX g)

Batteries Included

Screw the Dispensing caps to our resin and hardener bottles to squeeze small amounts out to nail the ratio!

Download Greenlight's Epoxy Measuring Ratio Chart for Greenlight Marine Grade Epoxy Resin

2 part epoxy resin mix ratio chart lamination hotcoat sealcoat glue