Epoxy - Resin Research Quik Kick ULTRA Epoxy Resin

Product image 1Epoxy - Resin Research Quik Kick ULTRA Epoxy Resin
Product image 2Epoxy - Resin Research Quik Kick ULTRA Epoxy Resin
Product image 3Epoxy - Resin Research Quik Kick ULTRA Epoxy Resin
Product image 4Epoxy - Resin Research Quik Kick ULTRA Epoxy Resin

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Resin Research QUIK KICK [KWIK KICK] ULTRA Epoxy Resin

Resin Research Quik Kick [Kwik Kick] Epoxy Resin is the standard for professional surfboard glass shops and used on most popular brand boards. With flip times rivaling polyester resin and increased strength (20% stronger than before!) and no smell Quik Kick Epoxy is an excellent choice for fiberglassing your new surfboard shape. 

Quik Kick epoxy is UV stable with blue optical brightener that makes boards look bright white (the blue added will reflect more light, making the surfboard appear its whitest). It is a high solids resin, VOC free, has minimal vapors, excellent clarity and low toxicity. You can add Additive F for sealcoats/hotcoats 

Flip times are approximately:

75 minutes @ 70F

40 minutes @ 80F

20 minutes @ 90F

Due to Quik Kick having a slightly thicker viscosity that 2000CE ULTRA Epoxy resin, it is an excellent resin for sealcoating / hotcoating as it will form a deeper layer of resin and not drain off the rails. 

Available in the following quantities:

48 oz.

96 oz. (complete shortboard)
1.5 Gal. (complete longboard with extra)
3 Gal. (complete SUP)
6 Gal.

Download Greenlight's Resin Amounts per Board Length Chart HERE
How much epoxy resin do I need to fiber glass a surfboard or SUP


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  • Does the blue tint in the Resin Research epoxy resin change the resin tint color on the board?

    There is no issue adding resin tint to the Quik Kick Resin. It has a very slight blue optical enhancer that can only be seen in volume, as in the bottle or bucket. When in a thin layer it appears water clear and does not affect the color of the tint.

  • Would this be the better of the two resin research epoxies to use when glassing in colder temperatures?

    Yes Resin Research Quik Kick epoxy cure faster and since epoxy cure time is temperature depandent we recommend Quik Kick in colder temps. You can also pre heat the resin in a warm bath to help it flow better and cure faster.

  • Am I correct that the optical brighteners in the epoxy resin alter the color of resin tints?

    The optical brighteners in the Quik Kick Epoxy Resin to not affect resin tint colors. There is such a small amount you can only see the blue color when the resin is in volume. A thin lamination layer or hotcoat on a surfboard is clear and accepts resin tints and pigments as the true color. 

  • Can you use Resin Research Quik Kick over Marine Grade Epoxy Resin with Fast Hardener?

    Using Resin Research Quik Kick over Marine Grade Epoxy resin will be alright and should bond with no issue.

  • Will this be ok for installing Fcs x2 fin plugs on an EPS board in about 70 degree temps. You recommend slow hardener on the fin instruction page.

    We would recommend using Slow hardener when installing x-2 style plugs into EPS to eliminate the possiblitity of an exothermic reaction.

  • Will this epoxy and hardener also work with carbon fiber?

    Yes epoxy resin is the only type of resin to use with carbon fiber to maintain the tensile strength of carbon.

  • Do you have to seal your EPS surfboard blank before glassing it with epoxy resin?

    Sealing and EPS surfboard blank is definitely recommended if you are painting the foam prior to laminating or laminating with a resin tint for better aesthetics. White boards or opaque resin pigmented laminations do not require sealing.  Regardless, sealing the blank with EPS Blank Sealing Paste will reduce the amount of resin absorbed into the foam resulting in a slightly lighter board.

  • The Epoxy resin mixing chart notes 2.2 : 1 ratio, though the bottles note 2:1, whats about the 2.2:1? Thanks

    2:1 mix ratio is close enough for full epoxy cure and no math or highly sensitive measuring scale needed. You can use the 2.2:1 for critical composite strength applications for perfection.

  • Is it possible to lam with fast setting epoxy and hotcoat with qwick kick? Vice versa?

    Yes, it is common to laminate with Resin Research 2000CE using fast or slow hardener and hotcoating with Quik Kick. Quik Kick is a bit thicker which make for a nice hotcoat and of course cures faster so there is less wait until the next step.

  • I am a newbie and this is my first board build. I have finished my 7'4 egg shape (7'4x22x3) but a little confused about the amount of resin used. My glass schedule will be 6oz bottom/12oz bottom. is 48oz kit cutting it close. I am on a very tight budget. plus additive X. recommendation, please. JC

    You can download and calculate how much resin to use when glassing a surfboard or SUP with our Resin Usage Chart : https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0689/1441/files/Surfboard_Glassing_Resin_Amounts_Per_Board_Length.pdf?7799691258253686780

  • I read that citrus based cleaners like Fast Orange are recommended for cleaning up this epoxy. I tried that product and haven’t had any luck. Any recommendations?

    Citrus based cleaners like Fast Orange and Gojo work great for cleaning uncured epoxy. Mutliple washes are sometimes needed depending on what stage of cure the epoxy is in. You can also use Denatured Alcohol or vinegar to clean up epoxy. 

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