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Resin Research KWIK KICK ULTRA Epoxy

Download Greenlight's Resin Amounts per Board Length Chart HERE

How much epoxy resin do I need to fiber glass a surfboard or SUP

20% stronger than before!

Flip times are approximately:

75 minutes @ 70F

40 minutes @ 80F

20 minutes @ 90F

UV stable with blue optical brightener that makes boards look bright white

EPS blanks can be laminated without sealing

High solids, VOC free, low vapor, excellent clarity and low toxicity. Uses Additive F and X-55 (if you'd actually want it faster).

Available in the following quantities:

6oz. (Ding Repair & Fin Boxes)

48 oz.
96 oz. (complete shortboard)
1.5 Gal. (complete longboard with extra)
3 Gal. (complete SUP)
6 Gal.
18 Gal.
36 Gal.
78 Gallon Drum Kit

SHIPPING NOTICE: Continental US and Canada shipping only. We cannot ship epoxy to Hawaii or Internationally. (But we're working on it!). Due to USPS constraints all resin shipment will be delivered by UPS regardless of shipping method requested at checkout.

For quantity orders of 18 gallons, 36 gallons, and Drums please contact us for custom shipping quote


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  • Would this be the better of the two resin research epoxies to use when glassing in colder temperatures?

    Yes Resin Research Quik Kick epoxy cure faster and since epoxy cure time is temperature depandent we recommend Quik Kick in colder temps. You can also pre heat the resin in a warm bath to help it flow better and cure faster.

  • Does the blue tint in the Resin Research epoxy resin change the resin tint color on the board?

    There is no issue adding resin tint to the Quik Kick Resin. It has a very slight blue optical enhancer that can only be seen in volume, as in the bottle or bucket. When in a thin layer it appears water clear and does not affect the color of the tint.