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Denatured Alcohol [DNA] Epoxy Surfboard Lamination Cleaner

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Denatured Alcohol [DNA] Epoxy Surfboard Lamination Cleaner

For the best epoxy sealcoat / hotcoat finish it is important to clean the fiberglass lamination of dust, dirt, oils, and particles prior to sealcoating with epoxy resin. A clean surface is key to avoid pinholes and fish eyes in the epoxy sealcoat / hotcoat. Any contamination on the board will mess with the surface tension of the epoxy and create an uneven surface. 

Denatured Alcohol is an excellent choice to clean fiberglass because it evaporates very quickly and leaves no residue on the surface. You can quickly wipe down the board and start your sealcoat in minutes.

Pour 2 oz. of denatured alcohol on the board before seal coating and wipe with a lint free cloth or Tee-shirt to remove contaminants. 

DNA is also great for removing sticky tape or sticker residue on your surfboard.

Use approximately 2 oz. of DNA per side to clean top and bottom laminations. 

SHIPPING NOTICE: Continental US and Canada shipping only. We cannot ship chemicals to Hawaii or Internationally. (But we're working on it!). 

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