Board-in-a-Box Surfboard Shaping Kit


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Board-in-a-Box Surfboard Shaping Kit

The ultimate array of options to build the surfboard you want. Choose your blank, blac thickness, stringer type, fiberglass lamination strength, and 5 fin set of your favorite fin box system. You can also add carbon fiber reinforcements or a finbox install kit at a discount price with this surfboard shaping kit.  

Kit includes: 

  • Your Choice Engineered EPS Foam Blank 5'8" - 6'5"
  • Your Choice fiberglass cloth schedule strength
  • 96 oz Resin Research Epoxy Resin 
  • Epoxy resin Additive F for hotcoating your surfboard
  • Greenlight Vented Leash Plug
  • 4 sheets Logo Rice Paper
  • Your choice of 5-fin system (FCS II, FCS Fusion, Factory Plugs, Futures)
  • Optional Carbon fiber reinforcement
  • Optional Fin Box Install Kit


Take a look at our Surfboard Building Guide, Design Guide, and HELP CENTER for tons of great info and tips and surfboard building.

How to glue up your blank - See video below:


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Questions & Answers

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  • What resin and hardener is in the Surfermag surfboard shaping kit?

    Our EPS/EPOXY Kits come with Resin Research Quik Kick ULTRA epoxy resin as well as Additive F Surfacing Agent for easier hotcoating and sanding.  

  • Why are there only shortboard blanks offered in the kit?

    We have developed a way to ship surfboard blanks to your door with UPS Ground for much cheaper than traditional freight truck shipping methods. This new shipping technique is only available for EPS blanks and shaping kits up to 6'6" long. Therefore our pre-packaged kit offerings are limited to lengths below 6'6".
    Contact us if you want a different size surfboard shaping kit than what is listed and we will put one together for you. No problem. Shipping will be about 3X more than the kits offered here though...

  • What blanks are available for this kit?

    Our "F Series" Engineered EPS surfboard blanks are featured in this kit. You can shape a fish or hybrid shortboard with the F series blanks. It's always a good idea to select a blank slightly longer than your final shape so the rocker curve is correct and you don't have to mess with it too much. If you want a different style blank up to 6'5" long contact us and we'll include it for you no problem.

  • What resin comes in the kit?

    Resin Research Quik Kick epoxy resin is included in this surfboard shaping kit.

  • What does the fiberglass strength option mean?

    With this surfboard shaping kit you have three choices of the type and amount of fiberglass that affects the strength-to-weight ratio of your board.

    1. 4 oz bottom / 4+4 oz deck is the lightest board and still very strong with epoxy resin and our Engineered EPS Blanks. Good for performance shortboards.

    2. 4 oz bottom / 6+4 oz deck is the standard fiberglass lamination schedule. You're substituting a layer of 6 oz weight fiberglass on the deck which improves the overall strength of your surfboard and prevents deck compressions from your heels.

    3. 6 oz bottom / 6+4 oz deck is pretty bomb proof as your board has heavier fiberglass all over, including the rails. 

    Check out our Surfboard Building Guide for more information of fiberglassing your surfboard shape.

  • I am interested in getting the BOARD-IN-A-BOX shaping kit and in the photos it shows the dimensions of a f series blank, I was wondering if this is the only option for a shape?

    We can include any blank up to 6'5" x 3 1/4" thick in the kit. You can order a Board-in-a-Box kit online and write your preferred blank length and style from our Engineered EPS Surfboard Blank Catalog in the checkout notes. We'll make the substitution for you no problem.

  • Looking at doing a board that is a little aggressive. My daughter is intermediate level. Uses 6'2" short and has a long board. She's 5'3" and strong at about 120 lbs. We would like to build a board together (father/daughter). Need advice on type and looking at board in a box. Maybe fish? Fins 1 vs. 3? Color is white and Yellow.

    Thanks for your interest in Greenlight. We recommend shaping your daughter a hybrid type board that is aggressive but easy to catch waves. Something in the range of 5'8 - 6'0" x 21 1/2" wide x 2 1/2" thick. These are just general guidelines to help you get started. You can purchase a Board-in-a-Box Kit with a 6'0" blank and choose a template from our Template Gallery. Some good outline template choices for her are the 6'0"P, 6'0"S, 5'11"Z, or 5'8"R.
    The kit comes with 5 fin boxes which is intended to make the board more versatile in different wave conditions. Typically you have the most fun riding boards as a quad fin set up in waves that are chest high and below for more speed. In head high + conditions, a tri fin setup generally provides more radical performance.
    You can add color to the board in the fiberglassing process with our Premier Resin Tints and Pigments.