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Surfboard Glassing Razor Scraper / Cut Lap Tool

Product image 1Surfboard Glassing Razor Scraper / Cut Lap Tool
Product image 2Surfboard Glassing Razor Scraper / Cut Lap Tool
Product image 3Surfboard Glassing Razor Scraper / Cut Lap Tool
Product image 4Surfboard Glassing Razor Scraper / Cut Lap Tool

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Surfboard Glassing Razor Scraper / Cut Lap Tool

Say goodbye to sanding your surfboards! Another Greenlight engineered tool for smarter surfboard building...

Maintain a high gloss epoxy finish and keep your board water tight. Don't sand it - SCRAPE IT! How many times have you sanded through the sealcoat and expose fiberglass weave, only to have to recoat the area and burn through again? Or kill a pinline by sanding through? Or try to clean up your workspace (and yourself) after sanding a surfboard? Not anymore...

Featuring a heavy duty super sharp carbon steel blade that provides 4 fresh corners for cut laps and 2 flat razor edges for scraping your sealcoat. Simply rotate the blade in the tool holder when it gets dull.

What you can do with this razor tool:

  • Easily cut through CURED epoxy with 6 oz. fiberglass cloth laps. (because as DIY board builders we can't wait for perfect timing to cut the lap - just let is cure and cut it when you get around to it!)

Eliminate the need to sand your boards by scraping the parts that matter!

  • Scrape the resin bead left on the rail from the tape when seal coating for a smooth rail
  • Scrape and shape the resin built up in the tail from your tape dam and define your hard edge for water release
  • Cut open and scrape pre-glass finbox installs to open up the pocket for the fin to go it (which is traditionally done when sanding the bottom of the board)
  • Scrape cured fiberglass laps flush with the foam or previous lamination.

Includes tool and (1) heavy duty blade. Replacement razor blades available.

How to use the razor scraper / cutlap tool video:




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  • Would the scraped areas be more a matte finish though and inconsistent? how would you keep that gloss in those areas?

    The Surfboard shaping Razor Scraper/ Cut Lap Tool will leave a matte fininsh look. This tool is to eliminate sanding and having to wait for cut laps to dry.

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