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VectorNET Carbon Fiber 1/2" Diamond Pattern for Surfboards and SUPS

Product image 1VectorNET Carbon Fiber 1/2" Diamond Pattern for Surfboards and SUPS
Product image 2VectorNET Carbon Fiber 1/2" Diamond Pattern for Surfboards and SUPS

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VectorNET Carbon Fiber 1/2" Diamond Pattern

Sold by the foot x 29" wide

VectorNET is a Carbon/Aramid reinforcement for tails, rails, or the entire bottom of surfboards, kiteboards, and SUPs.

The diamond pattern weave provides a high level of break and buckle resistance while maintaining a natural and lively flex pattern.

The VectorNET carbon strands are supported by a super lightweight mesh which makes the material very easy to laminate to your boards without any noticable added weight.


Ask a Question
  • When do I apply the VectorNET to the board?

    The VectorNET goes directly on the foam and is laminated the same time as the fiberglass. A nice trick is to lightly spray the area with 3M Super77 and adhere the carbon to the foam first so it doesn't slide when wetting out the glass and carbon.

  • Looking to use this mesh for a different application in place of mesh netting. Can you describe how the CF fibers are attached to one another to form the diamond shape? Is it woven? epoxied?

    The VectorNet Carbon diamond pattern reinforcement is woven into a clear polyester scrim fabric

  • I have a skim board that has the glass & foam cracked on the bottom the length of the board. Can I glass this on top of the crack as a repair?

    The VectorNET diamond carbon pattern will provide stiffness in the board but not meant for a repair. You should glass the bottom with 6 oz E cloth or 6 oz S-2 cloth for even greater crack resistance on a skimboard.
    Sand the surrounding surface with 80 grit sandpaper and use epoxy resin to laminate the fiberglass on.

  • If I'm doing a 6 + 4 oz deck, can I replace one layer with this?

    The VectorNET carbon fiber diamond patten is much better used for stiffening the board and not for impact resistance due to the large spaces between the carbon strands. It will help with pressure dents by spreading the force out but it is recommended to use a normal glassing schdedule for optimal strength.

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