Futures Fin Boxes - New ILT Flange

Futures Fin Boxes - New ILT Flange


  • $ 7.45

Futures Fin Boxes - New ILT (Interwoven Laminate Technology) Flange

The system offers all the positive features of removable fins, while providing better performance than glass-on fins. 
Full Base - The fin is connected to the board along the entire base. This amounts to 60% more attachment than plug systems.
Flange – The flange around the box creates surface area that strengthens the bond to the fiberglass which is the where the strength of a board comes from.

Installation requires futures Install Kit 

Choose your fin base depth:  

  • 1/2" Tail Box (for center fins and quad rears)
  • 3/4" Rail Box (for front fins)

Color: White

* If we're out of stock please contact us and we'll pull them from our factory stock for you

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