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Surfermag Surfboard Shaping Kit

Product image 1Surfermag Surfboard Shaping Kit
Product image 2Surfermag Surfboard Shaping Kit
Product image 3Surfermag Surfboard Shaping Kit
Product image 4Surfermag Surfboard Shaping Kit
Product image 5Surfermag Surfboard Shaping Kit
Product image 6Surfermag Surfboard Shaping Kit
Product image 7Surfermag Surfboard Shaping Kit

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First board? READ THIS while your kit is on the way to learn everything you need to know about building a really fun board your can be proud of. 

Note: All Engineered EPS Blanks are made to order allowing for optimal customization. Due to a high demand please allow 4-5 days before picking up or shipping. 

This kit includes: 

  • Your Choice Engineered EPS Foam Blank with 1/8 basswood stringer
  • 7 yards 4 oz. E-glass fiberglass cloth
  • 96 oz. Resin Research Epoxy Resin 
  • Epoxy resin Additive F for sealcoating your surfboard
  • FACTORY Leash Plug
  • 4 Sheets Custom Logo Rice Paper
  • Fin boxes for a tri-fin setup (Choose Factory Plugs [FCS X-2] or Future Style Fin Boxes). Contact us for other fin box options.

    We ship single EPS blanks with stringer to your doorstep for a special low rate, you glue it up. We made it simple and inexpensive. See video below:



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    • When it says 'Choose your Blank' and gives the options of 59SB, 510V etc, is this the size of the blank as in 5'9" or so? What does the SB/V/F mean? Please get back to me ASAP, about to order one. Thanks

      Thanks for your interest in Greenlight. The surfboard blank models offered in the kit are the most popular sizes used for most current surfboard shapes. 
      Here are detailed catalog pages for the blanks 

    • What tools are needed to shape the surfboard?

      We recommend shaping your surfboard with the Greenlight shaping tools which are the specially designed for shaping foam. You'll also need an handsaw to cut the outline, a trim plane to level the stringer,  rail sanding screen, a sheet of tigershark sandpaper, and a foam sanding pad for finishing. These are the basic tools for hand shaping a surfboard. In addition to these tools you can remove foam quickly with a power planer but we do not recommend using a power planer on your first shape as you need to feel and understand what you're doing before using power tools on the foam.
      Other tools to help make shaping your surfboard easier include:
      Versa-square Surfboard Measuring Tool
      Surfboard thickness calipers
      Spokeshave (for fine tuning the strigner wood)
      Surfboard Shaper's Pencil (so you can see your layout lines, written dimensions and signature really well) 

    • Hi - is this kit appropriate for a highly motivated 11-year old boy? Thanks!

      Motivation is one of the main keys to success in anything. Yes your son will have a blast shaping his own board and also get an unexpected eduacation on physics and hydrodynamics by reading our Surfboard Design Guide and shaping what he has learned into the foam. We have taught all ages down to 8 years old how to build their own surfboards.
      Overall the materials and process are safe for a young surfer but may need some assistance with the fin and leash plug installation as that either drilling holes or routing pockets in the surfboard depending on the finbox system used - FACTORY plugs are drilled in, FCSII, FCS Fusion, and Flanged fin boxes require a router... A complete step-by-step surfboard building procedure is detailed in our Surfboard Building Guide and we also have instructional videos available. 

    • Why are there only shortboard blanks offered in the kit?

      We have developed a way to ship surfboard blanks to your door with UPS Ground for much cheaper than traditional freight truck shipping methods. This new shipping technique is only available for EPS blanks and shaping kits up to 6'6" long. Therefore our pre-packaged kit offerings are limited to lengths below 6'6".
      Contact us if you want a different size surfboard shaping kit than what is listed and we will put one together for you. No problem. Shipping will be about 3X more than the kits offered here though...

    • What resin and hardener is in the Surfermag surfboard shaping kit?

      Our EPS/EPOXY Kits come with Resin Research Quik Kick ULTRA epoxy resin as well as Additive F Surfacing Agent for easier hotcoating and sanding.  

    • If I do a gloss coat, should it be thinner then the filler coat?

      Yes, a gloss coat is typically thinner than the seal coat so it lays flatter and provides a uniform shine. Sand the seal coat (hotcoat) to 150 grit so everything is flat, use Additive F in the epoxy to thin it for the gloss, and brush it on with minimal brush strokes so it lays flat as possible.

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