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Surfboard Blank Shipping Box

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Surfboard Blank Shipping Box

Dimensions: 10'3" x 25" x 17" 

Thick walled corrugated cardboard with end caps. The best protection possible for shipping blanks through a bunch of monkeys. The freight monkeys sometimes have a bad day and disrespect your cherished just-about-to-arrive blanks so we pack them with great care and take into account every situation your blanks may experience after it leaves Greenlight and on the way to you.

Contains 4 surfboard blanks but can fit 5 surfboard blanks 4' to 10'3" if all five blanks are under 2 3/4" thick. We recommend filling the box to reduce your shipping cost per blank.

Let us know if you want to add more and we'll let you know if it'll fit in the box!

We also ship Pallet Quantities of Blanks at discount (16+ blanks)