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Discount EPS Blanks

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Original price $ 60.00 - Original price $ 72.00
Original price
$ 60.00
$ 60.00 - $ 72.00
Current price $ 60.00

Since we offer so many options with Engineered EPS blanks we occasionally make mistakes when fabricating them like cutting the wrong thickness or too many of a custom order...

We offer the mistakes here at 1/2 price!

If the blank is stringerless we can add a stringer for you no problem. Just let us know what type of stinger after you order the blank and we'll add it to your order.

Please note some of the blanks in this batch have soft spots where the density is approximately 1.5# (not our standard Engineered 2# density). The softer areas are circled in black marker. The blanks are still very useable but have a region of less density. When the board is fiberglassed it will not be noticeable.

We've been experimenting with increasing the recycled content of our blanks but we over did it in this test block and it lead to the softer spots... Now we know the limit and will dial it back from here in an effort the continuous effort to improve the quality of our foam and lower the cost to you.