River Surfboard Building Kit

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River Surfboard Building Kit

Note: All Engineered EPS Blanks are made to order allowing for optimal customization. Due to a high demand please allow 4-5 days before picking up or shipping. 

Make your own pro quality river surfboard with this kit we've assembled for you. Greenlight understands the beating a surfboard takes in a rocky river so in addition to our durable Engineered EPS foam surfboard blanks we've included a special new Innegra woven fiberglass to greatly increase the ding resistance of your riverboard.

Choose between 3 different blank lengths (5'3"F, 5'8'F, or 6'0"F) each sent to you at 3" thick which is the optimal thickness to float you at the top of the wave when the current is trying to push you out. No need to work at shaping the thickness down like conventional surfboard blanks, all you need to do is cut your outline, shape the rails and bottom contours...

Kit includes:

While Supplies Last Bonus : Aerialite X Innegra blended fiberglass for the bottom and deck plus an extra layer of 6 oz fiberglass for the deck

96 oz. Resin Research Quik Kick Epoxy

Resin Research Additive F surfacing agent

4 sheets Custom ink jet logo paper

Your choice of tri fin setup (FACTORY fin plugs, FCS FUSION, FCS II, or Futures fin boxes) 

Tips on building your River surfboard:

1. Read through our Surfboard Building Guide, Surfboard Design Guide and HELP CENTER before beginning your project. We provide tons of awesome info so you can be confident you'll make a good board the first time. 

2. Laminate the Aerialite X Innegra blend fiberglass on bottom and lap it over the rails (fully explained in our Surfboard Building Guide). The X glass is a bit stiffer than normal fiberglass so make sure to check the glass is fully stuck to the nose and tail area with no air bubbles. On the deck, lay the X glass on the foam first and trim it along the midpoint of the rail, then lay the 6 oz fiberglass over that and lap to the bottom as described in our Surfboard Building Guide. This will give you the most ding resistant board the simplest way. 

3. A tri set of fin boxes in included in the kit. We recommend trying your new board as a tri and as a twin fin to feel which way us more fun for you!

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  • I there, I am a novice surfer who has gotten really into river surfing over the last year. I am interested in your river surf kit to build my own board instead of buying one. Before I commit to this I was wondering if this is a realistic project for someone who dosen't have a lot of experience with different types of boards? I am quite handy and feel competent in making the board but feel that I'm laking experience in board/fin type. Any advice you have would be great. Thanks!

    Thanks for your interest in Greenlight. To help novice board builders we have created the Surfboard Design Guide to educate you on how surfboards work so you can think ahead and design your board before shaping so it works the way you want to surf. The water flow of ocean surfboards and river surfboards are the same so the design theory is all the same. 
    We also have a library of outline templates to help you get started with the shape or you can trace a current surfboard you have on the blank and start that way. We also advise reading through our Surfboard Building Guide and HELP CENTER for loads on info on how to make a surfboard the right way. 
    Feel free to email us any time if you have a question. 

  • What tools will I need to complete the project, assuming I have none? Do tools come with the kit?

    Tools are not included with this river surfboard kit but we recommend the Surfboard Shaping Tool Kit which includes all the basic tools you need to hand shape a surfboard. If you want to shape your river surfboard with a power planer check out our inexpensive surfboard shaping power planer.