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Reichold Polyester Surfboard Gloss Finishing Resin

Product image 1Reichold Polyester Surfboard Gloss Finishing Resin
Product image 2Reichold Polyester Surfboard Gloss Finishing Resin
Product image 3Reichold Polyester Surfboard Gloss Finishing Resin

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Reichold Polyester Surfboard Gloss Finishing Resin

The "go to" gloss resin for professional board builders to achieve a clear, high gloss finish. UV stable and low viscosity to flow flat for an easy sand out and polish. 

We recommend sanding your hotcoat to 150 grit and brushing on this Reichold Gloss resin for a good bond. Then wetsand starting at 400 grit then to 600 and so on... every higher grit removes the scratches from the previous grit so the higher you go in sanding grits, the more mirror-like your gloss finish will be. 

After sanding rub the gloss coat with Polishing Compound on a Wool Polishing Bonnet and follow up with Surfboard Polish on a Foam Polishing Pad. 

Wipe it clean and admire your beautiful, shiney new board!

Reichold Polyster Surfboard Gloss resin requires MEKP Catalyst to cure (sold separately)


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  • I have finished shaping a board that was incorrectly given a matte finish by a glasser. Can I rough up that finish with a 150grit sand and brush this on the entire board (taping over the fin boxes) and follow those same sanding directions to achieve a high gloss finish? Apologies, I don't know a ton about the the high gloss process.

    Yes you can apply the Reichold Gloss Resin to a sanded board following the instructions detiled in our Surfboard Building Guide in the "How to Gloss and Polish a Surfboard" Section  

  • Can Reichold Polyester Surfboard Gloss Finishing Resin be used during a repair, or does it need to be used on the entire surface of the board? Will it stick to an existing older finish coat? Thx!

    No, Reichold Gloss Resin cannot be used for filling or laminating a ding because it contains wax that will not bond properly. It is only used as a finish coat on a sanded hotcoat for a high gloss finish.

  • Does this product only need MEPK added, or Donau still need to add styrene and surfacing wax?

    Riechold surfboard gloss resin only requires MEKP catalyst to cure. A special blend of surfacing wax and styrene is already added to the gloss polyester resin base for easy application and a high quality gloss finish.

  • I plan to use this product for a gloss coat, Can I use this for fiberglass repair as well? Is this product cleaned up with Zylene?

    The Riechold Polyester Gloss Resin is only suitable for use as a glosscoat or second hotcoat. It is brittle and should not be used for fiberglass repair. Silmar 249B Laminating Resin is great for fiberglass repair. All polyester resin products should be cleaned up with acetone as is it a much stronger solvent than xylene.

  • Can I use the polyester gloss resin instead of the epoxy resin on a surfboard>

    Yes you can use polyester resin to gloss coat an epoxy sealcoat but it is not advisable since there is no chemical bond between the two different resins. The polyester resin gloss coat may chip off over time. If you are to use the Riechold gloss on epoxy we recommend sanding the sealcoat with 60 or 80 grit to give the resin a mechanical bond to the board.

  • Why is it not preferred to just leave the gloss that the resin cures with? What is the benefit to going through all 8f the sanding to bring it back to a gloss?

    You can certainly leave the gloss unsanded if it looks good to you. It's all a matter of preference when choosing how shiney and perfect looking you make your board.

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