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Resin Research Quik Kick ULTRA Epoxy Resin

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Note: We're running low on Quik Kick right now but Fast Fuse is better anyway.

Resin Research QUIK KICK [KWIK KICK] ULTRA Epoxy Resin

Resin Research Quik Kick [Kwik Kick] Epoxy Resin is the standard for professional surfboard glass shops and used on most popular brand boards. With flip times rivaling polyester resin and increased strength (20% stronger than before!) and no smell Quik Kick Epoxy is an excellent choice for fiberglassing your new surfboard shape. 

Quik Kick epoxy is UV stable with blue optical brightener that makes boards look bright white (the blue added will reflect more light, making the surfboard appear its whitest). It is a high solids resin, VOC free, has minimal vapors, excellent clarity and low toxicity. You can add Additive F for sealcoats/hotcoats 

Flip times are approximately:

75 minutes @ 70F

40 minutes @ 80F

20 minutes @ 90F

Due to Quik Kick having a slightly thicker viscosity that 2000CE ULTRA Epoxy resin, it is an excellent resin for sealcoating / hotcoating as it will form a deeper layer of resin and not drain off the rails. 

Available in the following quantities:

48 oz.

96 oz. (complete shortboard)
1.5 Gal. (complete longboard with extra)
3 Gal. (complete SUP)
6 Gal.

Download Greenlight's Resin Amounts per Board Length Chart HERE
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