New Resin Pigment Colors Available

We now a have Orange and Purple opaque surfboard resin pigments available through the Greenlight Surf Supply webstore. Our 2 oz pigment and tint bottles come with a clean squeeze fliptop spout to keep your workspace clean! Nothing worse than getting some tint or pigment all over the place like you do when using a mixing stick to dispense pigment from a jar... also our flip top dispensing cap allows you to control how much tint or pigment you put into your resin.

We frequently are asked "How much tint or pigment do you add to the surfboard resin?"

As a rule of thumb you want just enough tint or pigment to get the desired color. Too much will affect the cure and strength of the resin. It is good practice to add small amounts of tint or pigment to the resin and test the color on a piece of scrap foam or white paper until you get the color you want. Then add your hardener or catalyst. Resin colors look much darker in the mixing bucket so spreading a thin layer on a white background will show the true color that will board and fiberglass will take on.


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