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  1. How do I get the carbon tape to stay in place while laminating when it wraps from the bottom to the top for the Lost Carbon Warp technology? To wrap the carbon (actually any time using carbon strips) the trick is to spray the back side of the carbon with 3M Super 77 spray adhesive and stick it where you want it. It won't move when laminating and you can peel it up if the placement isn't what you want. Super 77 is available at most hardware stores and is also used for adhering sandpaper to Flexpads for sanding.
  2. Should I only spread resin in one direction and lightly to avoid flattening out the fibers in the carbon fiber tape? Yes it is best to spread the resin in along the carbon fiber direction for the first few passes but after it is fully saturated and adhered to the foam you can cross stroke lightly.
  3. The offset carbon tape seems to have a plastic liner. Should I peel it off then glass, or leave it on? The plastic is for production of the tapes. Remove it first then apply the carbon to the board.
  4. When do I put the carbon fber on? Place the tail patches under the deck lamination and glass it all together? The carbon goes directly on the foam and is laminated the same time as the fiberglass. A nice trick is to lightly spray the area with 3M Super77 and adhere the carbon to the foam first so it doesn't slide when wetting out the glass and carbon.
  5. Hello I have a question regarding the carbon stringer. Do I use one up center on bottom and one up center on deck , or use them as parabolic stringer on the rails, or on bottom running parallel with each other a few inches apart from tail to nose. All you need in one carbon strip on the bottom. Carbon stiffens the board and only works in tension, so on the deck is pretty useless. Laminate it right down the middle of the bottom and you're good to go. You can immediately lay out the bottom fiberglass, cut, and laminate right after the carbon strip. It's best to laminate the carbon first separately to eliminate air bubbles.
  6. If I leave out the stringer would I have to use carbon on the rails or will it be strong enough without? We suggest laminating a strip of the Uni directional carbon fiber along the centerline of the bottom of the board or you can wrap the rails with the Uni directional carbon fiber for more torsional strength. You can also laminate the bottom of the board with VectorNET carbon fiber reinforcement for additional strength. It is recommended to do at minimum lamination of 1 layer 6 oz and 1 layer 4 oz on the deck to reduce pressure denting from your feet.
  7. I would like to put either the ½” or 1” VectorNET Carbon on the rails and maybe nose or something. Or, do you recommend wrapping the entire board and reducing the number of cloth layers? Vectornet can be used on the rails to provide a more torsional flex pattern (which you won't really feel on a SUP). Or if used along the bottom will stiffen the entire board and you can reduce the amount of fiberglass on the bottom to 1 layer...
  8. HOW TO FIBERGLASS A SURFBOARD FAQ I have never fiber glassed before can you talk to me about it? I'm not sure what to buy What is the difference between epoxy and polyester resins? ALERT! Example of what not to do with your bottom lamination (Pics included) How much resin and cloth is needed to order to do one surfboard? What's a "LAP"? What is a cuplap vs. Freelap? What is the difference between lamination and hotcoat in fiberglassing? I'm hot coating with poly resin, MEKP and surfacing wax. I know the re...
  9. HOW TO SHAPE A SURFBOARD FAQ General Information on Surfboard Shaping Railbands. Looking at the "simple rail dims chart", it displays one single value for rail mark. Do I have to use the same rail mark on all the board length or shall I multiply by dimension as far as I go further or backward on the board? Can I use your Rail Runner tool to shape the rail bands? I know the kit does not come with any electric power tools such as an electric planer. Just wondering do you need a specific kind of electric planer like...
  10. Is VectorNet and S-2 fiberglass a strong combination? VectorNET is a stiffener and not so much an impact resistant material. It will make your board lighter, stiffer, and break-resistant but not ding proof. It will help resist pressure dings from feet and knees if used on the deck. S-glass is more impact resistant than E-glass and a bit stiffer. With Vectornet on the foam and a layer of S-glass on a poly blank you pretty much have a very strong board in many aspects with a savings in weight.
  11. THERE ARE ONLY 2 TYPES OF SURFERS Which One are You? There are only two types of surfers. Those who ride someone else’s shape and those who design and shape their own surfboards. The majority of surfers either buy a surfboard off the rack or get a custom shape from their local shaper (a much better option for your surfing than an off the rack board). Both are missing out on a whole higher level of surfing only felt by surfers who design and shape their own surfboards at home. It’s not as hard as it seems It’s not hard to sha...
  12. Greenlight Surfboard Building Guide A-Z Introduction We understand that making surfboards can be very intimidating for the first-timer. Truth is, with a little bit of patience, some good tools, and some proven technique tips, it isn't that hard to turn out a good board on your first try. Our goal at Greenlight has always been to break down the intimidation factor and make board building attainable to those of us who aren't "master craftspeople." (Yet) Greenlight's Board-Building A to Z gathers the most effective...
  13. How many layers of fiberglass can I laminate at once? You can glass 2 layers of fiberglass at a time. If using carbon reinforcements like VectorNET they are placed directly on the foam and laminated at the same time as the fiberglass layers.
  14. surfer Welcome to Greenlight Surf Supply! We're happy to help you shape your surfing experience at every step of the process. Please read through our Surfboard Design Guide and Surfboard Building Guide for everything you need to know about building your own surfboards at home and if you have any questions please feel free to contact us any time Here are some essential products to check out to start building your own surfboards and special discounts just for you for...
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